My previous post was on June, its been a problem with the camera cartels. People are only reliable when its beneficial . I will jump into it since its been a while.dsc_0002mg20 The coat can’t be the same I know you are wondering  or you already have made your conclusion. Well, its the same but the year is different, the camera is different and for this post I requested my fra ;’ _kitucrazy’  in the black tailored suit and the beret  to jump in.dsc_0001mg25

See the shoes, the shades and the beret we turned dandy. FYI beret & bow ties are available at affordable prices. We are in suits and bow ties to symbolize the growth if you do the math right , 90s kids are no longer children , you can scrawl down to 1996 to compare the difference.mg19

What is being a man ? At an early age I found the question disturbing. Do you know who is a Man? I doubt it . In the early times our ancestors defined a man from the day of circumcision to the number of children one sires. mg22dsc_0006

Being a man back then was a pilgrimage . The man was ahab in the family, the duties weren’t written or dished out . The women taught daughters and the men taught their  sons and heirs ; thus the culture and traditions were observed and maintained.dsc_0010mg23

Through technology , urbanization and colonization the society grew bigger and watched in closer on the family. With all this changes even the definition of the man changed . Society defines a man as the provider, money became the main factor that defined a man. You ever heard of the term ‘ rich sex?’ if  not; there is nothing to it ,it’s just money & sex.dsc_1254

No love needed only money and sex. Men are like cars a better make always comes along ever since wealth was considered as a measure of the quality of a man and not his deeds and speech. mg15


Well, trench coats are also available . Most my niggers driving thus the Volkswagen beetle, its actually on sale if interested comment. The dream must be vividly visualized before its a reality.mg2

The sky is the limit until age catches up. Henceforth the youth must love cause life is love for the young and dumb. We are so scared to show affection to our frain. mg6

Boy child can’t express themselves without side eyes from societies . Caged up in a cocoon of masculinity , weakness can’t be part of you on the journey to becoming a man in the modern society. mg10

Falls ideals of a man by our ancestors, we have been mislead for an entire generation . Boy child my definition of a man over the year plus several hours of research; I say a man is a decision maker and problem solver, to be totally straight a man is worthless without the woman and a lineage.mg8


Probably several youth have ignored the last part of my definition , a hurt , scared and lax lot . Someone told Marcus Okello , ‘ kula tu bibi ya mtu ukiwa tayari wako atolewe chini pia’also ‘wewe kaatusingle na dem yako anasukumiwa kuni.’ This two statement changed my perspectives , am always dating nowadays and can never  touch a married female to bed no matter how good her charms are.mg7

The decision I make in hopes of a brighter future define your manhood . A good state of mind is all a man needs to make it  and it  enough cause God deemed it so. mg12On my request _Kitucrazy’ anakanyagia’ story, as we change to a less serious conversation. Back to my day job, I got the opportunity to shoot another music video at Kamiti Prison , my first gospel song of the year, but before I share the link I would take this chance to look back at the end of 2018 @ the jameson connect with the ManCave Figaro.

As we end January remember December / drinkcember and say thanks to Alllah for more life.mg4 Am losing weight cause of not lifting weights but my dad pod doesn’t look to be losing shape. Its the only constant on my body,mg3

As I come to the end this shoot I can’t ignore the only reason it was a success was because my brothers who decided to work with me, the location shout out to the big man, the photos taken by my high school schoolmate and finally _kitucrazy for the willingness to participate.dsc_0017

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. That’s my parting shot for this month post , I have been your host,

Suits by CHUCHO HUB.

Photography by Tafarell_quan_

> Modelling by     _kitucrazy


>peace            >culture

>love             > style


……………………………………………Marcus Okello……………………………………………………………………….


IMG_20180613_201243_415Kusema ukweli ‘soma ‘ ni body . Over the months have gained weight .

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Wagwan mates!!IMG_8775 let’s keep this entertaining , my Figaro did me justice with the rug on my head.IMG_20180506_233245_200

‘For this shoot am at BARAKA Boys’ .The title Deja Vu has nothing to do with looking familiar;it’s a different location, different poses and different person behind the camera.IMG_20180506_233148_649

But still doesn’t tell you why I chose the title Deja Vu, well to be frank with whoever is reading this …WATCH OUT FOR THE FILM DEJA VU ….



#PRODUCED BY myself and several of my grooms .


For the creatives and style gurus am wearing a pull neck , if you don’t have one buy now you better knob up.IMG_20180506_232759_925

Am a dabbler at this game of blogging but have been here with the Art. Deja Vu for you this month of May.IMG_20180506_232730_764IMG_20180506_232521_256 Ifyou scroll down you will realize the khaki pants and shoes you can call Deja Vu, because you have seen them before …on my post titled 1996 you can go read that .IMG_20180506_232426_153Times is ticking by Giggs listen to some grime


As I leave let me share something we say in the jungle .IMG_20180506_232351_806


I have no frain am just a woodman ,this is the tale of our ahab call me Thee Artist as I rise up…IMG_20180506_233509_286

I do this for the love of life, my love for photography, outfits and memories . TAKE A PICTURES, SHARE A POST &IMG_20180506_233733_028

Dont forget to make a pose , I have been you host, model and content provider THEE SCHEMER.



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**Big Boy**

IMG-20171115-WA0019 Wagwan people….



Have been silent . Its been months . Coming to the end of the year; 20k7. Its been too much, school, politics, poverty ,hunger, death and violence. Some of you have seen this look before, if you had not; hope you enjoy this post.IMG-20171115-WA0017

If you are seeing this for the first time follow me on my Instagram & Twitter;

@Marcus Okello
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Raised and bred in Nairobi city , this is the tale of an artist .Pose as I hold my breath , am proposing to my audience…

Pole, if you are joining in for the first time ,Ak@la is the topic , today on the agenda this month of July .

What is your day job ?

Back to the drawing board , day job ; what you do to get money . Kindly follow .

Guys , Akala ni kiatu . Worn by the Nilotes . The shoes /sandals are made from tyres.

Call me Mg as I walk you through my style ,fashion and glow…

 #photographyschool #setdesignclass #makeup                                                       Note.

  • A good set gets you a clean image.
  • A good pose attracts you to the right audience.
  • Create confidence in your content.
  • Wear your attitude with your costumes.  
  • Befriend the camera.


√   The proper way to wear ak@la , is with socks . Bet you didn’t know that .

√    Best outfit is attitude.   

                              ¥ungMufassa     Akalas are hand curved sandals , mostly worn by the Moran’s and Turu’s (turukana people ) 

 Haven’t said much on the attire , so ask if you have to , comment and will get back to you …#comment #ask #question #share #critic #dare 

 Have been your host , 

*****peace , love & style *****

                  Marcus Okello ™


Its Korean slang for swag, street style and elegance ; Ganji. Na ,in the motherland Ganji ni pesa ,hela ,fedha na masmarter call it chedda. 

Don’t get confused with the money talk , Man has to talk. This July am your host … comment , like and repost for interactions . The top ;what am wearing is from my previous post you didn’t notice that? if you did notice that you deserve a trophy ..look back to  ..Portraits.

 Call me Mg let me walk you through Ganji, the TV set is a prop , you haven’t seen me on your TV you should probably turn it off!…

Did this from the beginning am talking about rap (rhythm and poetry) I wrote this for this post..


    Yes, am a world press,

   Posting on today’s agenda ,

   Ganja sio ganji?

  Hapa sitaki uradi ,

  Zama ndani ,

  Andika kwa karatasi,

  Kanyagwa na utangaze,

  Malaya hukuzoea,

 Kudanganya nimazoeo,

 Msupa olewa,

Pewa! Pewa !

Ukitaka sema,

Hauna number Pewa,

Hauna haga Pewa ,

Karada au enda,

Mafala tunawapenda ,

Nitumie zile pesa kwa mpesa,

Loans and savings na Mshwari,

Bado sijabet in,

Lala tu zero grazing ,

Gambling chequing your luck,(chedda)

Believe the numbers,

Worth the agenda,

On my topic …

       Ganja …

That was just for fun , let’s change location with some style .

The floral shorts ,  [maroon] toms and long sleeved T-shirt made my attire .

I really didn’t know what to rock the floral print pants , they are extra walai, but I made it look sexy .#onmyelement 

√ the pants worked for my Monday ,the t shirt and toms colour coordinate √.

My set looks like a garage yeah , audience pay attention to the subject this a class in session.

The wheel is cause am a rolling stone , get the bag or stone and blow it up and start moving bro , always in motion #ysl . 

Been slacking but my vision clear  thanks to the glasses ; that’s one of my accessories.

Pretty cause of my ear piercing you assume …

    Middle finger ring and a pinky ring, their worth between me and my jewelr .

As I come to the end , nikimalizia sikiza kwa makini hii ni part one , July is my month no matter what nitapost part two .{( will be posting twice this month )}translation.

Back to the jungle..

So good can’t complain,

So hood on my PMW don’t make me explain,

So correct they attest,

So creative call him Thee Artist,

So misled with my lead ,

So fast with speed but not in the lead,

So called feelings ,

So cold ebu fill this,

So jaza hizo spaces ,

So Jaba shika hiyo veve ,

So chana hiyo nywele,

So sick kukuwa na upele,

So twende sana na tuemdele,

So bado beat ni yangu ,

So what sina squad,

So if na hit na pod,

So lit na heat your thoughts ,

Befriending fire like forgive us Master,

We are blaming the bastard Marcus ,

Nacome na kafever rasa,

Beef lazima nitakupapasa ,

Stick stickish hapo kando ya NaSa,

Blame game like Adam and the Lover,

Jubilee kadem bila haga ,

Woiye hata hauwezi nyamba ,

Ukishuta unaweza angusha daraja .

DAT way!|

     *******love ,peace &style ******

  Director of photography : Kevin Fraji

  Content creator : Marcus Garvey.

Portraits …

Your image is your picture, yes ;girl or boy you are mostly described because of your physically features . 

From my facial structure , am categorized as a nigger; if I tear my beard still support my genre; on to todays agenda portraits are described as paintings of your head or face .With this paintings or artistic drawing one can tell the likeness…you can see the mood and the personality of the subject from the drawings. Few recognized portraits were Shakespeare and Monalisa .

The father of modern English;William Shakespeare. What makes a good portrait?

The painter , camera operator or the subject /model. Lisa Gherandini was one of most recognislzed painting in its time.Was it ,cause of her beauty and prowess in posing ? Or do we credit the artist Leonardo DA Vinci ?

Too many rhetorical questions right ,well  this post was supposed to pass one message which is …

‘Your face is your brand , body and weight always turn to ash/dust back to sand.’ Onto the controversial topic ;

 Ziii ! Don’t bleach your portrait cause someone else did , its like scarring your face cause someone else did.

Am your art guru ,

           Marcus Okello.

        ***love**peace & culture *